About Deale

Deale Maryland is a small town that is all about fishing. Home to over 30 charter fishing boats, Deale provides easy access to the Chesapeake Bay for residents of the Annapolis and Washington, DC areas. Deale is located just 20 miles south of Annapolis and is a short drive from the metropolitan Washington, DC or Baltimore area. Deale is a popular destination for anglers. It is located on Rockhold Creek in Southern Anne Arundel County on the Western Shore of the Chesapeake Bay. This portion of Anne Arundel County, referred to as "South County," is a haven for boaters and fishermen. Most of our Deale charter fishing fleet is docked at the Happy Harbor Inn. Happy Harbor Inn includes a bar and restaurant with outside deck and is a popular destination. The Happy Harbor is an institution that has spanned the ages of time dating back the 1940s. Its a place where you can bring your family and friends and be confident that you will get a a good meal with friendly and courteous service.

If the charter boats are not fishing you will find the captains and mates tirelessly working to maintain their vessels and preparing tackle. Fishing out of Deale lends itself to being the ideal port since it is a mid-bay town and it's a short cruise to the Chesapeake Bay's best fishing spots. Come Spring trophy season you'll find boats come from the north and south to benefit from the nearby Deale reefs and feeding tributaries.

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